Did I just say that?

Lucas received a gift at Sunday school today and I’m over here bawling. I couldn’t have asked for a better place that meets all our families needs/wants/desires. For those of you who know, it’s been a struggle for me to find a place of worship. Mike is as Catholic as they come and I just…

Grace. LOTS of it.

Only one primary lesson I’ve learned this month… GRACE. A whole bunch of it. Specifically to MYSELF. Pre-Benjamin, I struggled to keep up with Lucas. I felt guilty that I needed to sit down often, that I couldn’t get on the floor easily anymore, and that I needed a daily nap because I was TIRED….


It’s the last day of March and it’s time for my monthly lessons and refinement update. This month I’ve really been focusing on things to be grateful for. Seriously. Every meal I’ve been able to provide for my family. Every bill we were able to pay. Every item in the house we have that makes…


I sit here and think about this last month as I reflect from my monthly refinement… This month went by so quickly. I’ve been in the lowest of the low mentally this month. I’ve gone through some serious homesickness. I’ve missed my friends so badly. I’ve missed my old house more than ever. Not the…

My Last Day.

Today was the last day. I walked through the doors to my counseling session for the last time after four and a half years. The last face to face conversation with the one person in my life that truly and fully understands me, believes in me, and pushes me to keep fighting the good fight….