Our Dream

House update: We found one! We found our DREAM! It literally FELL into our laps. When I say fell, I mean…I was sitting here perfectly content in this moment we’re in. Then BOOM, a new listing popped up on my phone during dinner as I choked on my food listing all the details of this home and the PRICE.

This place has everything we needed to start our mission. I mean… Even the things we were going to add in a few years like a green house, an actual building for The Gathering Place, LAND +, and a pond to share with two other neighbors. Like… What?! From the beginning, we felt God’s hand in this property. I felt the same way about this place like I did moving to Illinois. It was terrifying, but just felt RIGHT.

…and then it didn’t happen. The last offer on the house was full price with NO inspection and NO soil testing on the property AT ALL. This was something we were not willing to do. We wanted it, but we want to be smart about it as well.

We were so close! Yet, not…we already learned sooo much from this home we almost got to call “ours.” We felt God’s hand in every decision we made. I could list every little thing, but I’d need an entirely new post for that.. there were that many! We’re a little confused it didn’t happen, to be 100% honest.

HOWEVER, it ignited the fire in us to keep trying and to think BIGGER than we intended. This land was close to perfect, the house needed a little more Krista flare, and since this wasn’t IT.. I can’t WAIT to see what God has in store for us, because I know it’s going to be pretty darn special..❤️

I’ll keep you updated my friends on more to come! ❤️

With honest intentions,

Krista ❤️

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