The Canvas

To some this is just a picture. To me, this is much more.

Today, I layed one more piece of my stubbornness down at Jesus’ feet. Though I thought I already did that, clearly I had one more layer to let go of.

You see, this picture has been in a box in the kitchen since we moved. Many have asked what’s in it. I’ve always commented something along the lines of, “A beautiful canvas that I refuse to unpack, because I’m not staying here much longer and it’s a pain to pack up.” Or “Decoration that I don’t know how to put on the wall without putting holes in it.”

Quite frankly, I’ve refused to unpack the majority of my decor boxes. They need nails to stay on the wall and it’s not possible. So, I’d rather buy something new that’s light weight vs unpacking my others.

Well, jokes on me… Because here I am, putting it up on the wall today… With command strips…

This will be it’s THIRD home since us newlyweds purchased it at IKEA.

I’m tired of looking at the box. I’m tired of the constant reminder that we’re still here and we’re not close to moving. I’m tired of boxes.

Let me be clear, it’s not just a house. At first, it was. Now though, it’s so much more.

Having a home is:
❤️Laying down roots here.
❤️Starting our mission that God has called us to.
❤️Creating memories in our very own home that we can all fit in, happily.
❤️Being able to have space for things that we own.
❤️Officially unpacking everything and having a place to put it.
❤️Having space to can, bake, food prep, and so many things I do in the kitchen to make me feel whole.
❤️Space to host more events in The Gathering Place that I just can’t do based on space and COVID.
❤️Peace of mind that this is home, not just temporary.
❤️YOURS and being proud of it.
❤️Putting sweat and tears into something that you reap the benefits from.
❤️Putting HOLES in the walls.
❤️Not having to make sure everyone is being careful, because we want that deposit back on the rental.
❤️Getting to paint your room or pick the floors YOU want.
❤️A choice YOU choose.

I feel like I’m in a candy shop, but I can’t buy anything because it’ll spoil my dinner. I’m ready to start our mission. I’m ready to say, “Yes” one more time to God. He knows it too. Hence the reason nothing is happening. He knows we’ll jump on it if we can. …because it’s HIS plan, not mine.

So today, I’m laying one more thing at Jesus’ feet. I’m laying it there, because I’m too tired to carry it today. I’m not happy about it, but here I am doing it.

Oh, and does anyone have 2-3 acres land we can buy?

With honest intentions,

Krista ❤️

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