Has this move been easy? No.
Do I feel like I belong? No.
Are lots of things different than the NW? Yes. I miss my food.
Do I love it here? Yes.
Is there a learning curve? Yes.
Do I miss “home?” Yes.
Has God clarified our mission? Yes.
Do we have land to start? No.
Are there any leads? No.
Do we feel discouraged? YESSS.
Are we ready to throw in the towel? Somedays.

… But you know what? Faith. That’s what is being questioned right now. I trusted God full heartedly in the past season (it was the hardest one we’d been in) and I’ve trusted more with each day. You know what though? It’s a choice EVERY DAY to seek Him and know He’ll figure it out for us.

I had it figured out, I thought. Then life shifted. I like to say, we “leveled up” in this game called life. The faith factor went up another difficulty level. ⏫

For all those people questioning our move, judging our pace, wondering why we came HERE (sooo many people judge our choice locally), and for all the roadblocks in our way…
I have one thing to say to that: I. Don’t. Answer. To. You.

One more time for those judgemental meanie heads in the back: I DON’T ANSWER TO YOU.

As I’ve been reading “Becoming Mom Strong” for the second time, this came into my reading space. It was everything I needed to hear. And yet, I’ve heard it twice before, in counseling last week, yesterday from a friend, today from a friend, in the gospel today, and my Bible study this week.

“God has a plan, and it doesn’t include bumming you out and leaving your family resentful and sad.” -Heidi St. John

Okay God, I hear you. I’m not happy with your pace, but I’m gonna have faith that you know that you’re doing… Because I sure don’t. 🙌🙏

Thanks for listening to my raw thoughts that have been bringing me to tears lately. 💜

With honest intentions,

Krista ❤️

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