Putting My Foot Down

Yesterday, I blew my lid over the most ridiculous thing. Mike asked me to call Verizon and get my new phone activated. Just that little request put be over the edge.

I yelled.

I said some things I should’ve have.

I said some inappropriate words.

Why? All because I was asked to call Verizon! Clearly, there was something deeper going on in my mind. So hear me out…

I’m fed up. I’m over it. I’m tired. I’m done.

I. Am. Done.

I am putting my food down.


I’m not usually a complainer. Seriously. I struggled for a while, but I’ve really been trying to make lemons out of lemonade. I’ve actually found HAPPINESS in the past couple months of this quarantine.

But here’s the thing. Every turn we go, there’s a dead end for our future. We just want to build our home, start a greenhouse, farm, and create a community for all with “The Gathering Place.” That’s it!

Yet every turn we take, there’s a “No.” waiting for us. There’s a road block this way or that way.

I start to question. Are we really meant to be here? I’m tired of getting the “tough” jobs. I’m tired of being the “okay” one. I feel like God is giving us all these road blocks, because He knows we can handle it.

You know what?

I don’t think I can! I’m done being that.

I’m putting my food down.


With honest intentions,

Krista ❤️

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