Shelter in Place Promises

I want to address my absence for the past few weeks.

I’ve been feeling really odd about blogging during this awful time in the world. Seriously, as I write this, someone is dying.

It feels awfully insensitive to be sharing my deepest thoughts about something so minuscule compared to life and death. 

We are now going on week SIX of Quarantine over here, and I’m starting to rethink my posts. I’m starting to see that we need to find a way to make life “normal” even amongst the uncertainty of life. So many others have been in Quarantine a LOT longer. I feel you. I really do. 

We need to still take the time to honor those who are working the front lines, fighting for life, and everyone in between. We need to continue communicating with each other, because isolation is also a life and death.

There have been many times this month, that I’ve felt alone. I’ve felt like I couldn’t do this another day. I felt like the next headline in the paper was going to be, “Stay at Home Mom Died Due to Self Isolation.”

Sounds silly to some. Afterall, it’s a CHOICE and a PRIVILEGE to stay home to protect the vulnerable. Why would I feel lonely? I am a family of four, in a house. I’m not a single person with no roommates or children. I’m not an elderly person sitting at home all alone.

I’m just a regular person. I’m just a 29 year old Mom of two with a husband who is essential in this pandemic. However if I’m feeling this, someone who has full support from her spouse, in counseling weekly, and helping form the gap of community in my new town- what is everyone else feeling? I’m sure the same or worse.

I’ve come to realize that we need to try and go throughout this pandemic open with one another and honest.

Because if I’m feeling these things… I’m sure someone else is too.

Are you one of them?

With honest intentions,

Krista ❤️

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