One Less Thing

You guys… I cracked the code to making bread in Illinois!! 🎉

I was basically taking a break from bread making, because it was not turning out since we moved here. One more thing I “lost” on our move…😭

Seriously, read my previous post about all the things I lost in this move to the Midwest.

I get we’re in a different climate and altitude, but it was FRUSTRATING! No joke, it was almost like starting over. #themeoftheyear

Then the pandemic happened… Now I’m back at the bread thing. AND it looks beautiful! The secret I’ve learned is, to add a little splash of lemon juice with the yeast and liquid to help it rise better. 🍋🍞 This was something I did not need in the NW, but I guess I do here with my recipe. 🤷 Plus, I added half milk in my liquid and it is HEAVENLY.

Watch out friends, Krista is BACK in the kitchen baking! ….sort of. 🤏😆

With honest intentions,

Krista ❤️

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