Good Friday?

Today is Good Friday…✝️✝️

There were many heavy lessons today. It was… emotional. I don’t understand what is so “Good” about today… At times, I thought this was maybe not appropriate to teach a preschooler. I mean, the brutality of it all is absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking.

There were moments that brought me to tears when telling about “Statuions of the Cross.” Yet, God gave me the words today. He led me through all the sadness I was feeling and gave me the guidance needed to put today in terms of a child. The way it was worded and the lessons learned were not dark or heavy at all. I am really proud of myself for being able to simplify today for a three year old to understand. If anything, it helped me know more about today as well.

We had so many great conversations about Jesus. We talked about how many people loved him, but some did not. We related these feelings to our move. We reminisced about new and different things we learned moving to Illinois. We talked about the emotions first being felt. He immediately listed how scared, mad, and sad he was about the change. We related these same feelings back to those who did not like Jesus. Jesus was sharing new ideas which some did not like and essentially those people were scared. This opened up the conversation even more. Not everyone will like you, but it’s still important to be nice to them and look to God for guidance, just as Jesus did. I loved all his curiosity throughout. He really guided our lesson so much deeper with those questions.

We talked about Heaven. Oh boy, was this my favorite. ⛅💛 We shared what we envisioned Heaven to be like. Lucas shared his thoughts as well and it sounded like a beautiful place to be. He imagined it filled with grass, warm sun, Jesus playing the drums (that’s what we tried to help him picture so he wouldn’t be so scared of thunderstorms), he listed all the birds that were in Heaven singing away, and a gray house for us to live. We even talked about Grandma Leta. ❤️ He then took all those age appropriate coloring pages from the “Stations of the Cross” and asked us to help him build a house with them. It was truly magical. ☝️🙌

We made our art project and talked about how much pain Jesus was in, without going into too much detail. He felt sad for Jesus, because he had blood coming from His hands. ✋

The last part of our day was filled with making an impromptu cross to add into our yard. Mike and I listed a few sins that we wanted forgiven from Jesus tonight. Then we discussed how Jesus comes down from Heaven and takes those sins away from us. I was very surprised that Lucas wanted to add his own sins to the cross. I honestly don’t think he has any, because he’s a child. He really wanted to seek forgiveness for not listening to Momma, Daddy, and pushing Benny tonight. Though these aren’t necessarily things that are a huge deal, we made sure to let him know that we love him very much, no matter what. Just as Jesus does to us.

Today could’ve been a disaster, but somehow it was the most beautiful day of lessons, yet. God is still so very good. And then I knew why today was called, “Good Friday.” 💜✝️🙏

With honest intentions,

Krista ❤️

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