Gathering Place

Tonight I wandered through Target.


I haven’t been out alone with no timeline, in FOREVER. I seriously feel like a brand new person.

I was driving home, and the Lord revealed something to me in our mission here in the Midwest. It was as if Jesus threw a bag of bricks on my head. It was so eye opening.

I’m going to start a gathering space.

We are currently shifting our focus form buying a home here, into building. We just haven’t found something that screams Mike and Krista here. Honestly, it makes sense.

God is calling us to do something HUGE things in the Midwest. We are being called to make some waves and force others outside of the box. So, why wouldn’t our home reflect this mission too?

In our quest to build, start an innovative farm, counsel married couples, and push others to really reflect on their relationship with God…We have really been looking for a space that can provide all the needs of our mission.

Then it hit me.


I’m so excited to add onto Mike’s shop, and have my very own “She Shed!” that will be a space for me to teach canning classes, bake bread, art projects, gather for bible studies, have our Mom nights, etc.


I’m just so excited, I could jump and scream. I have been complaining for months that the town is so into cliques here. We need a neutral space to bring everyone together. We need an area to let loose and have fun. We need a group focused on companionship, not just faith in the Lord.

Well…THIS. IS. IT.

I can’t wait to get started!!!

With honest intentions,

Krista ❤️

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