Focusing on the Way God Intended Me to Be

I worked and continue to work my butt off in counseling. I have focused so much on becoming the person God intended me to be.

In this season we’ve entered, I feel Satan constantly trying to take it away from me. I sense more and more of myself vanishing now that we’ve moved. I know God has great things in store. That doesn’t make it easy for me to keep fighting the good fight to carry out his mission. 

The past year, we were being refined and challenged financially. This year, our prayers have been answered financially but all the other things in my life have been stripped away.

If anything, this season is leaving me tired and sad to see so much of myself vanishing. I see it happening. I’m trying to fight it. I’m trying to be ME. Unfortunately, life is getting the best of me.

Things That Have Been Stripped Away:

  • My craft space
  • My kitchen
  • My house
  • My friends
  • My neighbors
  • My community
  • My comfort zone in WA
  • My grocery stores
  • My food prep plans (due to small storage and different food here)
  • My health care providers
  • My cleaning routine (new house, new routine)
  • My own space
  • Proximity to family (Pros & Cons there)
  • Clean water
  • My soaker tub (I’m a bath girl)
  • Clean air
  • My soft bed (so much furniture took a beating on this move) 
  • My favorite chocolate shop
  • My local news
  • Knowing where most things were without a GPS
  • Mountains
  • MOPS group
  • My sanity
  • Not hosting events in my home due to space
  • Not hosting Lucas’s birthday here due to space & living next to a creek with no fence 😬
  • Healthy food choices
  • Grass fed beef (have yet to find tasty meat)

With honest intentions,

Krista ❤️

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