Tonight, I cooked.

It was something so simple. Something that many people dread. Yet, it’s a task I love to do. Unfortunately, I haven’t desired to do it lately. Missing my kitchen has taken a toll on me.

Today was different. I NEEDED time today to focus on something I love to do. BOTH my boys are sick… AGAIN! (Will it EVER end?!)

Mike came home and had something else planned. I practically begged him to let me make something unplanned. Which is rare.

I did start to Google to find recipes, and I used the basis of one but added onto it to fit my family. I knew no one would be up for liver, including me.

I found this recipe absolutely wonderful to have for Fat Tuesday! We don’t necessarily celebrate that nor do we get the hype, but it was fun to try something different.

Just having that moment to myself tonight made me feel like a brand new person.

If you’re feeling lost, alone, or not yourself… What is something attainable for you to do tonight?

With honest intentions,

Krista ❤️

Recipe for anyone who’s wanting to try it! I omitted the liver, added zucchini and radishes.

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