I’m Mad.

I know with every ounce of my body that God is calling me here to the Midwest,  because we have so many wonderful things coming our way. God has revealed so much to me in the past few months and I’m so ready to live our mission.

BUT… I’m mad.

I feel like I’m swimming in the ocean. I’m about to reach the shore where my feet can touch the surface. Then, a wave SWISHES over me. It dunks me in the water, and takes me back out to sea again.

I’m mad.

I am not upset with God. Though I think it’s actually HEALTHY to be mad at God and to share your frustrations with Him, I’m actually mad at Satan. I’m tired of the spiritual attacks. I’m tired of getting closer to our mission, and being swept by another wave and going backwards.

I’m mad.

To all of you fighting against the waves, I’m right there with you. We’re slowly drowning together, and we’ll make it to the shore soon. I know it.

With honest intentions,


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