Bread in a Handbasket

Today, I made bread. I’m no rookie to baking. I even had a blog dedicated to my cooking experiences. I have been making food from scratch for about three-ish years. I found myself really enjoying the homemade meals when I had my first son. (No, I’m not trying to gloat. I’m giving my backstory.)

Baking is my outlet. It’s the one thing that makes me feel like ME. I love providing hearty and healthy meals for my family. I enjoy the work it takes to perfect a dish. It brings me JOY.

Well, today I made bread. I started as I usually do. I get the warm water, yeast, and flour together for proofing. Soon after, I add the oil, salt, honey, oatmeal, chia seeds, flaxseed, flour, and egg. This is routine. I could do this in my sleep. It comes to me, like breathing.

With all this knowledge, it came to a surprise to have my bread turn out completely weird today.

I’m not kidding you, I’ve had four bread making days since moving to the Midwest. I’ve baked on sunny days, warm days, and cold days. Today, was a sunny day.

Nothing out of the ordinary, right?


My bread turned out WONKY! Like, WHAT?!

Now if this was just a sole incident, I would NOT be posting about this. But NO… This has happened EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. since moving here except for two loaves I first made in October.


I’m about to give up making bread here. I already hate my kitchen in this rental house. This house is small, grimy, and uncomfortable. I’m really trying to be optimistic, but when my bread is now being challenged like the rest of my life from this move…

…I’m beginning to lose it!

If your life is the bread right now. You’re not alone. I feel it too.

With honest intentions,

Krista ❤️

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