Level Up

Well folks, I’ve leveled up! ⏫ I’m happy to announce that I’ve officially started a new season in my life…


Luckily, this past season was only a year. I wonder how long this one will be?

I questioned God so strongly this past year when Mike was looking for a new job that was more financially sound. I questioned God through most of my second pregnancy about whether or not we were ready. I questioned if He really had my best interest. I questioned His love. (That is one I’m my proud of.)

Soon after, those questions were given answers to God’s plan. He was revealing to me so many things about myself that I needed to improve. I learned how to heal my wounds from my childhood a little deeper. I started to forgive a little quicker. I began to hand out Grace by the handfuls. There was even more releasing of judgement which I thought was thrown out the window a year before.

Now, I clearly see that God has put me in another stage of my life. He answered the long repetitive prayers about finances. He reassured us and practically spiritually carried us to the Midwest from the Pacific Northwest.

I’ve currently begun to notice my prayers starting to focus more on finding a new home for us. My prayers have shifted to focus more on our marriage vs on just parenting or motherhood.

Trust is a brand new word in this season. Choosing to trust God came so easily in the old season. This new one is uncharted ground. I’m nervous, because I’m putting the next part of my life into His hands again. Fortunately, a lot of refinement happened in the other season. Which shows me that God was preparing me for this.

He knows I can handle this. Even though I don’t feel like I can…

Cheers to a new season 🥂 and leveling up. ⏫

With honest intentions,

Krista ❤️

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