Lucas – He. Will. Move. Mountains.

A couple months ago during our nightly prayer, I prayed for people in places that don’t have hot water. I prayed for a solution to our yellow water as well when we first arrived in the Midwest.

These little prayers led to a big discussion in our bedtime chats about water in other countries. We have since then watched videos of children in Africa carrying buckets to collect dirty water for drinking and how many get sick from all the bacteria in it. Lucas is just so confused by it. He doesn’t understand why people don’t have sinks. He’s even more concerned why there isn’t enough money to fix this problem everywhere. His solution is for Mike to give money to those people to build pipes. I told him it’s not that simple and we’ve talked about ways to help. On more than one occasion, he has decided he will give them his nightly cup of water.

Well, the water discussion came up again tonight. We discussed how grateful we are to have a home and talked about homeless people and shelters. Which made him think about the people who don’t have hot water…Tonight he has decided we need to get our tea kettle out, boil the hot water, and go deliver it to all the people who don’t have the pleasure of warm water.

This little boy is a thinker. At three, I don’t think I would’ve come up with that solution on my own.

This kid is going to move mountains one day.

Mark. My Words.

He’s got my sensitive soft heart and his dad’s dreamer attitude. 💙

With honest intentions,

Krista ❤️

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