Last day of month calls for my monthly reflection in this season I’m in…

There is one thing I keep hearing from the experienced parents out there..
πŸ›‘ Slow down. πŸ›‘

I totally agree with it. I totally want to take action. I totally try to. Yet, I still find myself rushing. I find myself trying to rush a feeding so we can leave for an outing that is in Lucas’s best interest. I catch myself rushing story time before bed or nap to avoid a baby meltdown, due to hunger. I catch myself some nights looking at the time and wanting to go to bed vs do something that’s meaningful in the moment.

I do NOT find it coincidental that the majority of this month, my health has deteriorated. Between a cold that took the whole house, clogged ducts almost every week, knee issues, and hip issues; I’ve been exhausted. I have people ask, “How are you?” I honestly can’t think of what to say except, “I’m slowly falling apart over here, no big. πŸ˜‚

I can’t say that I’ve taken the time this month to check in with myself. Check in to see what I NEED. Yes, I have mental health days. I’ve been sitting here thinking about all of those days and I’ve been spending it looking at my “To Do” list of unfinished projects.

With all that, I really have been reflecting. I’ve been a bit more emotional this month. I’m looking at my little boys and seeing how much they have grown and how quickly! 😭

… It doesn’t help that Benjamin is in 9 month clothes and Lucas wasn’t in that until winter at 9 months. So many cute outfits are to be unworn due to 90+ degree weather. πŸ˜­πŸ˜†

I’ve really been trying to be mindful. Try to find time to focus on them. Take a breath. Realize, you’re probably going to be late to that playdate. Why? Because you spent the time letting your toddler learn to buckle himself into the carseat. Or because you spent a few more minutes staring at your precious baby during a feeding and just enjoying the cuddles.

I won’t get these back. I won’t get it.

Which leads me to… My rushing being in full force! How can I stop doing it? How can I be in the moment more often vs thinking of everything I need to do?

Well… I don’t have the full answer. What I HAVE been doing is trying to be mindful of when I start stressing or my mind wandering. I try to keep myself in check. I mentally tell myself to snap out of it. I remind myself of how quickly time has gone so far. I pray. I sit there and ask God to help me focus.. To help me be in the moment.. To put peace in my heart.

Here are a few snippets of what I’ve been able to answer for myself this month:

1. Give it to God. πŸ™
2. Take that extra moment with your loved ones. Be late. I dare you. Just take that little moment you won’t get back.
3. Cancel an event that might be causing you more stress. The other person will understand. Sometimes, you need to do it for yourself. That. Is. Okay.
4. Find someone to toot your horn when you need it. There are days you just feel like a sucky human being or Mom. Find that friend (or spouse) who tells you how wonderful you look with baby throw up in your hair, how much of a light you are in their life, or how behaved your kiddo is. It helps! 😁
5. Rest. Take that Sunday and exercise the true meaning of it.

I’ll leave you with this…

Earlier this week was a bad time. We just survived a growth spurt. We’re now into the distracted eating, because EVERYTHING is so fascinating. Plus, sleep regression is HEERRREEE. 😴😴 I’ll also add that Lucas is in swim 20 minutes from home everyday (30 min. lesson), right in the middle of morning nap for Benny. B screams in the car 95% of the time. Translation, HOT MESS. One night, Mike got home and I was DONE. I didn’t want to cook. I didn’t want to think. I missed my Lucas. I so desperately wanted an evening of no rush. So, I took Lucas and we went on a date.

It was glorious. It filled my mom tank. I needed my Lucas time. He needed it too. Enjoy his cuteness and STRIPE GALORE. πŸ’›β˜ΊοΈπŸ€—

august refinement.jpg

An oldie, but goodie post.

With honest intentions,
Krista β™₯

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