My Secret No More.

It’s the last day of June, so it’s time for my lesson post!
This month has been more of a prideful month. I’m so proud of my progress as a human being. My mental health has been something I’ve really noticed this month. When I had Lucas, I lost myself. I tried so hard to be Mom vs Krista. This time around, I’ve really tried to make a point to find “Krista time” multiple times a week. I need it. I’m a better Mom for it. I’m happier with it.

For those of you who don’t know, June marks my four year anniversary in starting counseling. I’ve been nervous to share with EVERYONE. I’ve deleted this post. Started again. Changed my monthly lesson. Prayed about it. All of it. Then, I told myself stop overthinking it. I promised to be real, so here you go…Butterflies in my stomach and all.

Counseling truly has saved my life and completely changed my outlook. I thought I wouldn’t share this information with the Facebook world until I “graduated” counseling. Well, I’ve also learned that you don’t really do that. You decide how long you need to go. You decide how much progress you make. You decide. Period.

Here are a few things I’ve learned on my emotional healing journey.

1. It’s freaking hard. There’s nothing easy about healing and growing as a person. It sucks.

2. All the cry sessions, all the anger, all the pain was worth it. Every. Single. Second. It gets better.

3. Not only does it get better, but sometimes it gets worse. That just means there’s another layer that you’re choosing to heal.

4. God is real. I know, I know… You may have your doubts and tune me out. That’s okay. I was once you. I didn’t choose to know Him. He spiritually hit me in the forehead and showed me who He was, what His plan was for me at the time, and all the love I ever needed.

5. You will lose people. In your healing journey, you grow. You find that you connected with someone because of your own insecurities. That’s okay. It’s just life evolving.

6. Not everyone will support your decision. I’ve heard many times from people that “I need to get over my past.” Or “You didn’t have it that bad.” No. Just no. You don’t get to decide how “bad” or “good” it was for me. No one gets to make that choice for ME or YOU.

7. Take time for you. Take time to heal. Take time to grieve. Just take the time. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” has so much truth to it.

8. I’ve also learned a little too much lately how not speaking about your feelings can wear you down. How lonely you begin to feel. How some, lose their life because they feel so completely and utterly alone.

Well my friends, even the happiest of people feel sadness. I’m here to say that was me. Trying to pretend all was well and perfect 100% of the time when I felt like gunk on the inside. So, if you’re feeling alone… Reach out to me. Or someone. Anyone. I know people say it all the time. It may not stick. You may think they’re “just saying that to be nice.”

I’ve got news for you… I’m not just saying it. I’m MEANING it.

P.S. Enjoy my latest projects from the last two weeks of “Krista time.”

july refinment

july refinement 3

An oldie, but goodie post.

With honest intentions,
Krista ♥

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