Another Hit

My husband rolled his ankle today…

It was another hit for this crew. I’m already exhausted and haggard trying to do all this stuff alone while my guy goes through a trench healing old wounds.

So it’s the weekend. It’s my “day off” aka life with another adult around because being a parent never stops. I suggest to my son Lucas to come out and I’ll make him some mud. Then Mike comes out to play too. We tag team because the baby is inside. So I go get ready to feed B and come out once more to check on the mud frenzy. Only to find Mike on the ground in pain.

Here’s what went through my mind:

  1. Is he okay?
  2. You better be okay, because Mama NEEDS a break!

I help him in, and tell him to lay on the ground by the door and elevate his foot. Then I feed the crying baby. After that, bring the toddler in for a bath. In the process of bathing Lucas, I find Mike in our bed. All wet. All muddy. I scold him for not staying on the floor downstairs and ask where all the grass is that he was covered in. He informs me it’s on the carpet.

Okay…so my list of “to-dos” just got longer by two tasks.

  1. Change the sheets
  2. Vacuum the living room.

I run downstairs after bath to collect all the wet clothes on the floor, vacuum the living room, gather ice, and meds for Mike.

I start to vacuum.

The vacuum stops.

I start to vacuum again.

The vacuum stops.

The vacuum refuses to start again.

I change outlets.



So here I am.. 10:45 PM sitting here typing this. To you. Why? Because my living room isn’t even ¼ finished and my vacuum just broke.

I made it through the night.

I deserve a medal.

Or a margarita.

Or wine.

Or chocolate.

Or a hug.

To all the parents out there having a variation of the day like me… I feel you. I hear you. I get you. Share below if you need to vent. Sometimes all you need is to know you’re not alone in having a sucky and overwhelming day.

Night y’all.

An oldie but goodie from June 2019.

With honest intentions,
Krista ♥

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