Well, I’m two days into June and have yet posted what I’ve learned in May. This is my life in a nutshell. Late to the party, tired, and trying to gather all my thoughts. 🙃🤪

This last month I learned one thing. And one thing only.


Yes, just breathe. I’ve had to remind myself to do this on the daily. Multiple times a day. Sometimes over and over and over. Why? Because this transition from one to two kiddos plus life in general has gotten me all flustered. I like order. I like schedules. I like routine. Newborns have no order. They follow no schedule 100% (yet). They like routine but only their routine. Not yours.


Here are a few points I’ve learned this month… My points are all over the place. Why? Because I’M all over the place. I’m getting better everyday. I’m finding this transition easier than being a completely new mom, but it’s still challenging!

1. Just because I look “together” doesn’t mean I am. Just ask me. I’ll tell you how much of a s$!# show it was to get out of the house. 🤣 *Breathe*

2. I feel like I may never leave the house again. It’s just way easier. See you in 18 years. 😂 *Breathe*

3. I’m late to everything. Maybe only 1 minute. Maybe 20 minutes. Either way, I’m late. Why am I late? One word: poop. 💩 There’s always poop involved before going anywhere. *Breathe*

4. Life likes to happen all at once. God gives us what we can handle, but SOMETIMES I wish he didn’t trust me with it all… because it gets hard! *Breathe*

5. #4 is referring to lots of things this last month but the first that comes to mind is that Lucas has decided to potty train himself right now. I’m supposed to be jumping for joy when he pees on the potty, wash his hands, put on a new diaper (he refuses underwear still) all while half naked trying to feed his brother and usually eating something. *Breathe*

6. Whether I like it or not, I’m on a mom “diet.” Both kids need me whenever I prep food. I have a vulture toddler who will flutter his beautiful eyelashes that are connected to his huge precious eyes and sweetly trick me into feeding him instead of myself and a newborn who acts like he’s withering away from his last feeding (10 minutes ago) while I’m trying to eat a cracker. *Breathe*

7. Parenthood is a marathon. I’m constantly sweating. I’m constantly checking the temperature to see if our air conditioner is working or if it’s just me. *Breathe*

8. I may look super cute when you see me out and about. I might have my hair and make up done. I’m likely wearing a dress. That does not mean I’m having a great day. Usually that means I have no pants that fit or the two pair that DO fit are dirty.. I also have makeup/hair done so I feel like a human being. You know.. The person I used to be before having these precious angels. *Breathe*

9. My house will be orderly eventually. *Breathe*

10. Laundry will be folded and wrinkle free again… someday. *Breathe*

11. I would do this life over and over again. These are the moments I will miss when my little boys grow up. These are the days that I’ll replay in my head over and over when I’m old. *Breathe*

So today… Today I’ll just breathe.

I’ll take it all in. I’ll breathe when frustrated. I’ll breathe when I want to scream. I’ll breathe when I want to cry (probably still cry though). I’ll breathe in their smell. I’ll breathe in the fresh air. I’ll probably end up breathing in their poop or toot smell too, because… It’s inevitable but I’ll breathe. All. Of. It. Because today is all I’ve got. Then, tomorrow they’ll be a day older and a day closer to moving on.


june refinment
With honest intentions,
Krista ♥

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