Grace. LOTS of it.

Only one primary lesson I’ve learned this month… GRACE. A whole bunch of it. Specifically to MYSELF.

Pre-Benjamin, I struggled to keep up with Lucas. I felt guilty that I needed to sit down often, that I couldn’t get on the floor easily anymore, and that I needed a daily nap because I was TIRED.

Post-Benjamin, I struggle to keep up with Lucas. I feel guilty-ish that I need to sit down often to feed baby, that I STILL can’t get on the floor easily, and I’m TIRED 100% of the time.

See what happened there? See the similarities? Identical. God was preparing me for these moments in the present. He knew that Ms. Krista, the high strung, type A, planner needed a little sample of those feelings before another being entered the world. I’m so glad He showed me, because otherwise I might be a bit more of a wreck.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t days, moments, or even minutes that I don’t feel overwhelmed. I feel like everyone needs me and there isn’t enough to go around. And this is only with TWO.

You know what though? That isn’t true. There is enough of me to go around. If anything, they’re going to get an even better me. Why? Because the past few months have taught me to let it go. Let the dumb things go that are out of my control. So that in the present moment, I could focus on what I really need to. Which are my boys, my little-ish family, and giving myself the grace I deserve in this transition of my life.

I’m still tired. I’m not doing as much as I’d like. However, that’s temporary. It really doesn’t matter. Afterall, I’ve only been a Mom of two for 18 days. I get to give myself a little more grace for a while longer..more like forever, 🤣 because that’s exactly what I need to do. Otherwise, I won’t make it in this mom gig.

grace refinment
With honest intentions,
Krista ♥

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