My Last Day.

Today was the last day.

I walked through the doors to my counseling session for the last time after four and a half years.

The last face to face conversation with the one person in my life that truly and fully understands me, believes in me, and pushes me to keep fighting the good fight.

Today was hard. The hardest moment of leaving was saying goodbye to her. I owe her my life. She helped me become the person I am today. She showed me Christ’s love and who He truly is. She saved my life. I truly 100000% believe that.

She was the one who encouraged me to live my dream of staying home with my boys. I didn’t think I should do it. I didn’t think I could financially swing it two and a half years ago. I thought I needed to live my life mediocre, because that’s just what you do. She showed me there’s more to it all. She showed me another side to life I didn’t see.

She pushed me through all my emotional pain. She guided me through all the trenches. She helped deepen my marriage. She built me up to the confident woman I am today. She told me over and over again that I was worth it. I was strong. I was loved.

She validated me. Every emotion. Every thought. She validated them. She also called me out when I was in the wrong.

For all these things, I’m forever grateful. There are so many more things she’s done for me. For us. So many things she has told me, so many Bible stories she shared, and so many sessions filled with the Holy Spirit.

She is one of the main people in my life who never thought I was crazy. Who believed all the things I told her. Who sat there and empathized with me over and over again.

For all these moments, I’m forever grateful. We are forever thankful for her growing our relationship with each other and the Lord.

Today was my last day. ❤️❤️

Last day of counseling
With honest intentions,
Krista ♥

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