Does anyone really care?

Honestly, the past few days I’ve been debating whether to share my thoughts about this past month. I thought to myself, “Does anyone really care?” “Is it really worth sharing?” “Is this more for me than anything?” Then I realized… What does it matter? Stop getting in your head and go for it.

So, here it goes.. This month in my reflections/teachable moments, I really tried to focus on love. Love conquers all, they say. Well, it’s time for me to start focusing on just that. No, not just because it was Valentine’s Day. More because, it’s something I’ve needed. With the end of the year being tough, I’ve been ready for a new year to bring new opportunities. So much of my life, I’ve spent giving, helping, supporting, and showing love to others. Not asking for it in return. Not receiving it. But why? That is something really hard for me. So many times in life, I’ve been led to believe that I don’t deserve it. So many times, I’ve been led to feel guilty for wanting or needing something in this life. So many times, I put my effort, love, and trust in the wrong people. I thought they would do for me, what I’ve done for them. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. There a lot of takers out there. There’s a lot of people who enjoy receiving love but not giving it back That is the way the world is being molded, unfortunately. Somehow, I find all those people unwilling to give as well. So this month, I really tried to let others help and let others show their love to me as I do to others. It has been an uncomfortable month, but more bearable than most. Honestly, I thought God wanted me to just keep giving versus receive. It’s “the right thing to do.” Yes, it definitely is. However, we all deserve it in the end. It’s not meant to leave you empty inside. God gives me so much, and He also brings me actual people too. I just need to continue looking for them. ❤️

Here are a few of my top realizations..

1. It’s okay to receive love. Everyone deserves it. Otherwise, this world will leave you worn and smooshed flat. Trust me, I know.

2. The most important thing I’ve noticed though, is to really think about who you are giving and receiving love from. Not everyone is fit for the job. Those are the people who make you feel icky and undeserving. Don’t waste your time on those ones. 👎

3. God’s love is the best love. I’ll take His over anything else. Every. Single. Day.

4. Pants are stupid. Dresses, leggings, and pjs should be in style/be hip. Better yet, make super stretchy pants that aren’t thin like leggings, but not thick like jeans. Kind of like pajama jeans, only better. …No, I don’t want to look like I rolled out of bed. I want to be cute and comfortable.

5. I dislike the word “hubby.” There, I said it. All I think about when someone posts or says “hubby” is that they are also implying their husband is tubby/flubby. It drives me bananas. Why can’t we just say husband, partner, guy, or something else? I’m working on letting this one slide.

6. Mike has caved. He agrees that Costco soap is awful and he is now back to using Dove soap. 😆

7. Selling items online is annoying. There are so many flakey low ballers out there! I tried really hard to make some money on some things for my family, but the headache of it just isn’t worth it. Back to donating it is!

8. Don’t put so much energy in trying to fix someone or something. You can’t work harder than the other person for growth to happen.

9. Mental health is important. Take time to check in with yours. Everyone needs it. Not just a select few. It’s not a VIP party with invitation only. You invite yourself, come as you are, and leave when you’re ready.

10. You are worth it. All of it. There’s a reason we’re all here. Whether you believe in something bigger or not. There’s something that life needs to teach you or you need to teach IT. ❤️

you're worth it
An oldie from this past year, but still so much truth.

With honest intentions,
Krista ♥

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