Seeking the Little Wins

The past couple months have been tough.

This month, I’ve chosen to really try to focus on the lessons that life is teaching me/us and take it all in. All the bad. All the gunk. All the selfish people around us. All the wonderful little wins. All the love our little trio (almost quartet) has. Basically take in the good, the wonderful, the bad, the scary, and the ugly hard teachable moments.

Here’s what I’ve noticed/learned so far in 2019…

  1. Family is more than blood. It is the people who love you unconditionally, who are there to help you when you need it, and who pick up the phone to reach out to you. That is family. Not just DNA.
  2. All those that have reached out or made us smile… Thank you. You are the real MVPs. ❤
  3. To love your spouse is intentional. Some days are easy to love them. Some days it’s a choice that I need a reminder of. It’s work, but it doesn’t necessarily feel like “work.” It feels like you’re striving to reach a goal. A common goal, because when two people love each other, you try as best you can to make the relationship meaningful and worth it.
  4. Don’t buy Kirkland brand soap. Just. Don’t. Do. It. I will not let Mike convince me it’s better than Dove, because it’s cheaper. I feel as though I’m using hotel soap. Yesterday, in a hormonal pregnant rage, I was about to burn the whole box and trot over to Costco first thing this morning for my Dove soap. Thankfully, everyone was asleep, I had no one to yell at, and I came to my senses this morning. I will not burn the remainder of soap. I WILL be going to Costco this weekend to get my original.
  5. Ice cream has gotten expensive.
  6. I like to add raisins to my oatmeal. It’s a new experience for me
  7. It’s okay to ask for help when things aren’t alright. It’s okay to be real. Just be you. It’s hard to break the mold that you tried to create your whole life, but it is oh so important.
  8. God will provide. Always. He has shown me more love than I can even comprehend. He is always there. Especially in the hard deep holes. He’s got you.
  9. I love my boys like a million times more today than yesterday. Each day is something new with those two.
  10. I’m 80% of the time wearing Mike’s clothes. Why do guys have pockets in their pajama pants? Why don’t women have them? Unreal.

Thanks for reading through my journey.

With honest intentions,

Krista ♥

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