New Year, New Blog Posts!

Well all, I’M BACK!

I chose to take some time off from blogging for the holidays. I really contemplated leaving for a while, but here’s what I thought about.. If blogging and sharing my ideas becomes “work” then that is defeating the purpose of this whole blog. I want things to be fun and easy. I can’t sit here and share that I’m on a “living spree” if I’m making something that I love a chore! So, after a little time away and creating project galore… I’m back and ready to share all the things I’ve been up to!

I was busy creating Christmas wood signs for family members. This was the first Christmas where I was able to solely focus on my family. Every other year, I was busy creating or assembling Christmas gifts for my school kiddos, doing holiday things with coworkers, finishing last minute lesson plans before holiday break, prepping for report cards, prepping for conferences the last week of November, worrying greatly about my kiddos on break, decorating my classroom, preparing Elf on the Shelf for my firsties, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED doing all of that. However, my home decorating and Christmas crafts were usually shoved into winter break or neglected all together. My husband picked up the slack for me during the winter months when I wasn’t home as much. However, now that I’m a stay at home Mom, I was able to REALLY have a blast this holiday season!

I truly felt the real meaning of Christmas this year. For me, this was not like any other Christmas. Last year, I wasn’t a believer in anything bigger than myself. I figured things that happened were based on a coincidence versus God himself. I sadly was searching for something good in the world to keep me going, living with all this pain and hurt from my past, and hoping to heal someday. Then, almost a year ago I got my answer. So, you can imagine with my realization that I was never alone and God was there really helped me cherish the real meaning of Christmas. I really took time to “smell the roses.” I enjoyed every single moment with my family and my little 20 month old toddler. He is starting to have fun and understand that something exciting was about to happen on December 25th. We had a countdown paper chain, our advent calendar, and danced a LOT to Christmas music.

Here are a little snippets of what we’d been up to these past few weeks…


We “toddler proofed” the Christmas tree! You can see Lucas was a BIG help…

felt tree 1

I made a felt Christmas tree for Lucas to tinker with.


We watched “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and ate little healthy treats to go along with the movie.

pull apart pizza

I attempted a pull apart pizza with homemade dough to enjoy before looking at Christmas lights.


We decorated cookies for Santa. Which I’ve decided next year Santa is getting fruit with fewer cookies, because we made WAY too many…

Christmas signs

I made Christmas signs for most of my family. Some appreciated it. Some would’ve preferred I went out and bought something at the store, but I LOVED them!


We had a white Christmas and experienced snow ALL over again…

hickory farms treats

We enjoyed Hickory Farms treats that were my Gram’s all time favorite. I felt a little closer to her this holiday season, because of these.


We found enough snow to go sledding for the first time.

It wasn’t always peachy while I was away. ESPECIALLY when we visited extended family… I’ll save that for another post. However, spending time with my boys was just what I needed for the holiday seasons.

Thanks all for reading my posts and supporting me through my journey of healing and spiritual growth.

i'm back meme

~ Mom Seeking a Village

*Meme credit by Google*


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